What is the ULISSES Project?

ULISSES Project is a series of technological Initiatives with the objective of resolving the Pension Funding Crisis by facilitating insourcing of investment management tasks by asset owners. The ULISSES Project accomplishes its goal by providing access to hardware, software, and data that act as "model systems" for asset owners looking to insource investment tasks. These systems are based on the same live data that is currently being used by the world’s top investors to manage trillions of dollars of assets.

How does it work?

The ULISSES Project systems and data are only made available for academic and educational purposes. If you are a student or academic studying asset management, a professional organization serving asset owners or an employee of an asset owner engaging in continuing education, the ULISSES Project can provide access to the same tools and data used by the world's top investors. If you believe that you qualify, send a request from your academic or work email to inquiry@ulissesproject.com.